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Shop Impressum Historisches Elsie Slonim - Ahead of Time
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Elsie Slonim - Ahead of Time
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Elsie Slonim - Ahead of Time

Preis: € 23,90

The First Century of My Life

I was conceived during a world war and was born during a catastrophic revolution. Somehow, I have managed to survive the most dangerous and violent century of our time so far. Not only this, but I have suffered a great many upheavals in my way of life. I was driven out of the country I loved, and later, was evacuated. I have lived through two wars and have found myself in many difficult situations.
My home has been in the heart of a military zone since 1974. I continue to live here now, surrounded by ghost houses. I am permitted to travel and return to my home, to this place which is normally barred to civilians. I think that my new political classification would probably be harmless relic of long ago, whom no one wants to destroy.

140 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-902975-58-4

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