Cover - Ute Maurnböck-Mosser - New OrleansUte Maurnböck-Mosser
New Orleans
A Creole Kaleidoscope
Kreolisches Kaleidoskop

€ 15,00
258 pages, Multimedia eBook
ISBN 978-3-902975-70-6

Talking to people from New Orleans.
Gespräche mit Menschen aus New Orleans.

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The Austrian radio journalist Ute Maurnböck-Mosser has traveled to New Orleans several times in recent years. She talked to people from New Orleans and recorded the interviews.

The readers of this book can listen to the interviews and read both in English and in German translation.

What New Orleans is all about, what has developed since Katrina in the last 14 years, is what Ute Maurnböck-Mosser has tried to capture through the voices of the city. Aspects like gentrification, music or Mardi Gras, topics like ecology, traumatization since Katrina or community spirit are found in this book,  after all they best characterize a new New Orleans.

Like many mosaic pieces, A Creole Kaleidoscope creates a picture of the many facets of New Orleans. Its people, the beating heart of the Crescent City, will express their views. To make them really come to life you can click on the original soundtracks, after all the way they tell their stories conveys far more about New Orleans than a printed interview. You can carry on browsing as you please via related links.

English – German – Multimedia

New Orleans - A Creole Kaleidoscope
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